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Square Enix has released a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV which covers pretty much everything which makes up the game’s universe. The trailer touches on the game, the upcoming Kingsglaive movie, the Brootherhood anime, as well as the mobile pinball game, Justice Monsters Five.

According to Square Enix, this shared universe allows them to “provide many avenues of enjoyment” before the game launches later this year. The company added that all elements of the universe can stand on their own and be enjoyed without the others.

Square Enix also released the third episode of the Brotherhood series earlier this week and like the others, it’s available to view for free on YouTube.

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Final Fantasy XV is set to launch on September 30 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As for a PC release, Square Enix has commented that they’re considering a PC version, but have no solid plans right now.

The Final Fantasy Kingsglaive movie will launch this Summer ahead of the game’s release.

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