Square Enix and Io Interactive has released a brand new companion app for Hitman which hopes to keep you up to date with the latest Elusive Targets.

Elusive Targets arrived in the game a few months ago and offers a one-shot chance at taking down a mysterious target. If players lose, they fail permanently, if they successfully execute the hit, that’s it – done. The only problem is, players must figure out who this Elusive Target is using intel and other clues.

For the past couple of weeks a number of Elusive Targets have been seen in the game, some found in the game’s first mission which comes as part of the game’s much cheaper Intro Pack, others have appeared in later missions, which can be purchased separately or come as part of the game’s Full Experience.

The news of the companion app comes just ahead of the sixth Elusive Target to make their way into the game, who is due to arrive on July 15, but this time, they’re a bit of a tricky one.

Dylan Narvaez, who’ll be arriving in Sapienza for 72 hours on July 15, won’t be alone. Rather than being surrounded by body guards, he’ll be joined by his twin brother, so once the target is found, you’ve got to make the right choice between the two.


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