Before the launch of Blizzard’s first person shooter, Overwatch, there were rumours and teases surrounding a brand new character, and while nothing manifested at launch, it looks like Blizzard may finally be preparing to announce a new character later this month.

In amongst the panel listings at San Diego Comic-Con is Blizzard-hosted panel titled “Behind the Scenes of Overwatch’s Newest Hero”, now if that isn’t confirmation that a new character is incoming, I don’t know what is.

According to the listing, Blizzard’s James Waugh, Michael Chu, and Arnold Tsang, will be speaking at the panel and will discuss the new character, the creative process, and the story of this new Overwatch hero.

Of course, this could mean that Blizzard may be focusing on the last character revealed before launch, and not offer some juicy juicy news, but the latest additions to the roster came in a batch and included Mei, Genji and, so there’s no single character to focus on here.

To further tease things, Blizzard also released the following Tweet which contained a picture that showed off a new “Biotic Rifle” which was created by the game’s engineer Torbjörn Lindholm, which is intended to only be used for healing purposes. However, the game’s current healer, Mercy, believes that the weapon could be used for something a little more sinister.

All of this clearly points to the character, Sombra, which has been teased within the game and had become the focus of many “new character” rumours. Sombra is set to be a support / medic character who’ll come equipped with the aforementioned rifle, offering both Widowmaker sniping abilities, and Mercy healing abilities.

It would also even out the character roster as the game’s support class is down a hero compared to the three other classes.

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