Ana New Overwatch Hero #1

Blizzard have released the first post-launch hero for their thunderously popular team-based hero shooter Overwatch on the game’s “Public Test Region” today – a Support/Buffing sniper named Ana.

According to the character’s press release, Ana’s gameplay will revolve around administering healing, buffs and debuffs from afar – shots from her Biotic Rifle will stick to their targets, restoring allies’ health and gradually damaging enemies. She’ll also be packing a close range “Biotic Grenade” that simultaneously heals friends and injures foes caught in its relatively small area of effect as well as a sidearm shooting “Sleep Darts” that knocks targets unconscious.

Last but not least there’s her ultimate move “Nano Boost”, seen being used on Reinhardt below, which transforms teammates into super soldiers, giving them faster movement, increased damage, and better resistance to enemy attacks.

Ana New Overwatch Hero #2

Ana is currently playable on Overwatch PC’s Public Test Region, with more details on the hero set to arrive soon.

Just going by how her abilities come off on paper it seems as though Ana could be a good alternative to Lucio and Mercy, able to keep teammates healed and buffed whilst keeping out of the way of the front line battles – we’ll have to see what the community makes of her as they rack up more and more playtime.

Overwatch is available on PS4, Xbox One and on PC through

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