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D3 Publisher’s upcoming idol game, Death Game TV has received a bunch of screens and information this week thanks to Famitsu’s preview, and it looks pretty darn good.

This week, Japanese magazine Famitsu has published its online preview of Death Game TV, the latest PS Vita title from developers Witchcraft and publisher D3 Publisher, and it offers a quick insight into the new game.

As we already know, Death Game TV focuses on Japanese Idols as they fight to the death to get into the limelight. The game will focus on the top Idol group, Project 47, who must compete against other Idols in order to impress judges and avoid death.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Dream of Dreams,” or D.O.D. for short—a competition to determine the center for popular idol group Project 47.

But the big event this year was shrouded in unusual circumstances. It is an obscure and unscripted event with mysterious selection standards where even low ranking members are included in the popularity ranking.

With everything in question, the live television broadcast began.

What fate awaits these idols filled with anticipation and anxiety…!?

Players will assume the role of one of the idols who appear in the game and experience the gruesome gameshow from their perspective. Winners and losers of the gameshow will be determined based on the player’s actions, allowing the game to be played more than once.

Check out a handful of screens below:

Death Game TV launches in Japan on October 20.

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