03 – Seasons after Fall – Stranger to summer

Today indie studio Swing Swing Submarine opened the official website for their upcoming game, Seasons After Fall, and to celebrate, have released a number of screenshots for the game that are truly stunning.

Seasons After Fall was announced earlier this year and is a story-driven, atmospheric, indie puzzle-platformer, which has players exploring the mystical world with the power to change the seasons at will. Changing seasons will also change the way players can interact with the environment with water turning to ice to allow the players to pass.

In the game, players will travel far and wide in order to meet the Guardians of the Seasons, one of which is being showcased today – the Eel, Guardian of Spring.

“The rain from Spring allows you to raise the water levels, change the flora, and open up paths to new areas,” explains the developers in a press release.

You can check out the game’s latest screenshots below:

Seasons After Fall will be available on PC in 2016

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