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2K and Firaxis Games has released another brand new trailer for Civilization 6 which this time focuses on Egypt and how it’s set apart from other civilisations.

The new trailer confirmed that Egypt is once again lead by Cleopatra in Civilization 6 after the civilisation was previously ruled by other leaders. It also highlights how the new districts mechanic can differ compared to other nations.

In Civilization 6, Egyptians are able to build districts and Wonders faster when they’re placed on rivers. Egypt also earns additional fold from trade routes while offering bonus food to other cities trading with it, making Cleopatra a pretty decent leader to partner with.

This nation also has a unique unit in the form of Maryannu Chariot Archer. When this unit starts a turn on open terrain it gets a bonus to movement allowing it to strike quickly. This civilisation also has a unique tile improvement in the Sphinx, which offers faith and culture. If its built next to a wonder, however, it’ll also receive additional bonuses.

Civilizaton 6 launches on October 21.

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