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At Comic-Con this weekend, Niantic Labs had a panel dedicated to the biggest mobile game of all time, Pokémon Go. In that panel, the company unveiled the game’s Team Leaders as well as revealing a ton of information about future updates and additions to the game.

So, as we all know, once players reach Level 5 they can join a team: Mystic, Instinct, and Valour. Up until this weekend, those teams were represented by coloured silhouettes. The reason for this was because Niantic hadn’t yet finalised the team leaders, but now the artwork is in and here they are:


As you can see, Candella and Blanche look pretty bad-ass, then you’ve got Spark, Team Instinct’s leader, who looks like he’d be happier at the back of a classroom eating glue. Something I’m allowed to say, because I’m on Team Instinct…

Anyway, appearances aside, these Team Leaders, according to Niantic, will play a bigger part in the game and will interact with players in a number of ways, such as offering advice.

In addition, the company unveiled that in future updates the company plan to add player trading, more Pokémon, as well as the ability for players to customise Pokéstops, and probably the biggest feature: The addition of Pokémon Centres.

Although we don’t know how they’ll work just yet, in the main RPG series, Pokémon Centres places found within bigger towns and cities where players can heal their Pokémon for free, as well as purchase other items like potions, revives, and even clothing.

Unfortunately, these plans are just a part of the developer’s multi-year roadmap for Pokémon Go support. At the event, Niantic said that their biggest priority is server stability and bug-fixes. They’re also looking at ways to prevent bad behaviour, such as poaching newly-conquered gyms.

Right now Pokémon Go does offer enough for players to do, but it seems the game has hit its peak, and Niantic will need to work fast in order to retain their audience. So hopefully some of these features will come soon enough.

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