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To sum up Nintendo’s recent console announcement, the Mini Classic NES: What you see is what you get. Those of you who spend £50 on the mini console will get a miniature replica of Nintendo’s classic console with 30 games and a controller, that’s it.

Yesterday Nintendo unveiled the Mini NES, a new micro console which comes bundled with a classic controller and 30 games pre-installed on the device. However, the console lead to more questions, such as… can we connect to the Internet and download more games onto the console? Will Nintendo release more games for the console? Can I add more games to the console? Does it accept classic cartridges?

To answer all those questions fairly swiftly: No.

The Mini NES will have the ability to connect two compatible controllers and will offer 30 games pre-installed on the device. That’s it.

“The console is a standalone device, and does not use physical media of any kind,” Nintendo said to Polygon in a Q&A. “It cannot connect to the internet or any external storage devices. The 30 games included with the system were chosen to provide a wide variety of top-quality, long-lasting game-play experiences,” the company continued.

When quizzed on the various hardware and software aspects, Nintendo remained pretty closed lipped about it all, and when asked whether more mini versions of their classic consoles were coming, Nintendo had nothing to announce at this time.

So there you have it. If you were hoping for a particular title to be added to the mini console, then you’re out of luck.

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