No Man’s Sky Soundtrack Tour

One of the most ambitious and highly anticipated games of this year has finally gone gold. Development on No Man’s Sky is complete and ready to be pressed, and I’m so excited.

After a handful of delays, the wait is almost finally over as Hello Games has confirmed that No Man’s Sky has finished development, it’s on disc, and ready to go to the presses – as long as Sean Murray doesn’t lose the disc…

On Twitter, Murray confirmed the news:

Ahead of the above Tweet, Murray teased the news by posting that “things were happening” kicking off that hype train good and proper.

The game was originally set to launch on June 21, but Hello Games delayed the title at the end of May so that development wasn’t rushed and the game we were all waiting for could happen.

This however caused some backlash from the dark corners of the Internet as Murray received death threats. Though he easily brushed them off.

No Man’s Sky was initially announced in 2013 and has been highly anticipated ever since. The game itself seems pretty ambitious as the entire game is procedurally generated making it almost impossible to actually explore the entire universe.


I’m pretty excited for the game, even though I’m unsure about the aim of it… Something that’s been questioned since the game was announced.

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