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No Man’s Sky is said to have around 18 quintillion planets for players to explore, which would take one player around five billion years to actually achieve. So chances are, the game itself is going to be pretty hefty to install… well… no, not quiet.

According to Sean Murray, the game will take up just 6GB of data on the PlayStation 4’s Blu-ray disc, what’s more, most of that is just audio.

On Twitter, Murray tweeted the news revealing that the Release Candidate 1 of the game is just 6GB on disc:

This is of course likely due to the game’s prodecurally generated nature, allowing for quintillions of planets to be created as the player explores the game’s universe.

Adding to this news, Murray also tweeted that No Man’s Sky has now passed certification in Europe, the United States, and Asia, with it currently being submitted for certification in Japan.

As for what the team are working on now, well you’d think it’d be a good nights sleep, but nope, they’re “already bust working on Update 1” the studio revealed.

No Man’s Sky officially went gold on July 7 ahead of its official release on August 12.


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