no man’s sky

Along with the vast space exploration players will be able to achieve in No Man’s Sky, as well as the space combat and even fending off wild beasts, another aspect in No Man’s Sky is survival, and it’s no joke.

To answer everyone’s question: “What exactly do you do in No Man’s Sky”, Sony and Hello Games have released a series of videos showcasing the various mechanics in the space exploration game.

Today’s video focuses on the need for players to Survive in the game’s huge universe. To put it bluntly, players can’t just casually jaunt their way onto any planet, some planets may be hotter than our sun, or colder than a polar bear’s toe nails, hell some planets may even be a giant ball of radioactive gas.

In order to venture to these planets players will need to upgrade their ships and their suits to ensure you don’t die. Players will also be equipped with weapons to ensure the hostile inhabitants aren’t that much of a problem.

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There’s three other trailers available, one for exploration, another for combat, and another for trading.

No Man’s Sky launches on PC and PlayStation 4 next month.

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