Oculus officially launched the Oculus Rift in March, but thanks to manufacturing and inventory woes it’s taken the company four months to actually get all of the headset’s pre-orders out, the company revealed this week.

As of July 12, Oculus finally managed to fulfil the massive backlog of Oculus Rift pre-orders which have had some users waiting almost four months to get their hands on the headset. Now, if you purchase an Oculus Rift, you’ll only have to wait around 4 business days for the headset to arrive.

If you’re still waiting for the Oculus Touch controllers, however, you’ve still got a wait on your hands as Oculus CEO, Brendan Iribe, confirmed that they’re expecting to ship the proprietary controllers some time within the fourth quarter of the year.

This of course puts the Oculus Rift, in terms of offering a complete VR package, behind the HTC Vive which, despite a slight delay, came with its own VR controllers at launch. It’ll also put the launch of the Oculus Touch controllers in line with the launch of Sony’s VR headset, PlayStation VR, which also comes with its own VR controllers (PS Move controllers to be precise).

Have Oculus shot themselves in the foot by delaying the launch of the Oculus Touch controllers even further? It’s still too soon to tell right now, but early statistics indicate that this could be the case.

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