Roll7, The developer behind one of the best skateboarding games this decade has revealed that they’re working on something big and have signed on with 505 Games to ensure it manifests.

In an interview with MCV, Roll7 revealed that they’re working on a new project that’s much more substantial than Olli Olli and Not A Hero. The company also revealed that publisher 505 Games was also coming on board for the game.

“The ambition for our new project far outclasses our previous ones,” director Simon Bennett said. “We’re not looking to do another OlliOlli – this is much bigger.”

Previously the developer had either self-published their titles as well as working with Devolver Digital on the release of Not a Hero, this time however, they were looking for a publisher with “financial clout and international ties” due to the sheer scope of the project.

“505 represents a middle ground between top tier triple-A firms and smaller, boutique indie labels who may not have the budget to achieve what we want to do,” Bennett added.

505 Games is responsible for publishing Payday 2, Sniper Elite 3, Adrift, as well as the physical launch of Rocket League.

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