Ana New Overwatch Hero #1

Yesterday we saw the announcement of Overwatch‘s first new hero since launch, Ana, and while she’s yet to actually officially launch on consoles and PC (other than the test servers), fans have already started theories around the game’s next new additions.

While previous theories surrounding a new support/sniper character were true, the characters name, Sombra, was indeed incorrect as the new character’s name is simply, Ana. However, fans think they have clues as to who this name may belong to, possibly…

Some fans have decided to thumb meticulously through the game’s recent trailers which unveil Ana, and have apparently discovered two sets of coded information hidden in single frames, which once decoded have two stand-out letters, SOMB and RA.

Eurogamer has gone into more detail about the whole process, and has a theory that Sombra is the woman seen on the right of the original line-up shown in the video, but to sum it up, in the blank flashes that pop up at 1:16 and 2:11, if the images are adjusted somewhat, you can see lines of code.

When decoded using an XOR cypher it reveals a repeated Spanish phrase, “she who has the information, has the power”. As many may be aware, Sombra is Spanish for “shadow”, so there’s a loose connection for you. Two anomalies in amongst the code also bring the word SOMB and RA. Apparently the key constant to make this XOR cypher work was the number 23, which if Sombra were to be a new character, she’d be the game’s 23rd hero…

That, or Blizzard has just confirmed Half-Life 3… AM I MEMEING RIGHT MOM!??


Whatever the case may be, whether it’s Blizzard messing with us, or there is actually a character called Sombra on the way, it likely won’t manifest for a little while now as players get used to Ana.

Though I could be wrong…

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