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Following a failed Kickstarter, Korean developer Idiocracy, Inc. haven’t given up on their strategy game, Pirates War – The Dice King, which blends elements of Hearthstone and Monopoly into one, as almost a year later, they’re now launching into closed beta.

Last year we wrote about the launch of Pirates War – The Dice King on Kickstarter, which unfortunately didn’t meet its funding goal. But rather than give up and move on, Idiocracy, Inc. continued development on the game, and over a year later it’s back, this time in closed beta form.

If you don’t quite remember the game, Pirates War – The Dice King is a strategy game with card collecting elements. It’s set to offer cross-platform multiplayer and is currently in development for iOS, Android, and the web. The game has also been Greenlit on Steam too.

To sum up how the game plays, it’s like blending elements of Hearthstone together with Monopoly, as players battle it out using cards to claim property to dominate the game world.

Despite the Kickstarter failing, the game has now landed on iOS in the form of a closed beta, which Idiocracy are calling for you, the player, to sign up and play the game in order to iron out any kinks you may find along the way.

In order to sign up to the closed beta, you can head to their Google Form and complete a short questionnaire about the device you use, required nickname, and much more.

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