This weekend the release date and pricing for Sony’s upcoming higher-end PlayStation 4 console, currently called the PlayStation Neo, or Codename Neo, appeared on Amazon’s Spanish storefront. The listing has now been removed, but not before all of the information on the listing was captured.

The PlayStation Neo has been one of the company’s worst secrets. Word of a more powerful PlayStation 4 appeared pretty early in the year, and while Sony didn’t unveil the console at E3 2016, the company did confirm that a new, more powerful console is in development, but had no further information at that time.

Fortunately it seems Amazon has taken most of that work away from Sony and has revealed that the console could possibly launch on October 13, according to the listing, for the low, low price of 400 Euros, that’s around £350.

That would mean that, when paired with the PlayStation VR headset – which its been touted to work well with – the whole bundle will set players back around £700, which would make the whole VR package a lot less than a VR-ready PC and headset.

What’s more, there are other things pointing to this October 13 release date, as documents leaked earlier this month stating that PlayStation titles launching after October 2016 should support both the original PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation NEO – something which was also confirmed by an unnamed developer earlier in the year.


Sony themselves have yet to actually reveal any information around the PlayStation Neo other than the fact that it exists. We’ve got no release window, no pricing, nor do we have any clue what the console will look like.

As always, take rumours and leaks with a pinch of salt. But the mounting evidence supporting each leak is making this information seem even more plausible.

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