no man’s sky

Sony has confirmed today that Hello Games’ ambitious space exploration game, No Man’s Sky, will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play the game online when it launches next month.

Despite No Man’s Sky being a persistent online game, the size of the vast environment is so huge, the chances of actually running into another player is almost slim-to-none. Because of this, Hello Games and Sony consider the game to be a single-player affair, thus exempting its online portion from the PlayStation Plus membership.

That being said, an Internet connection is still required, Sony has warned, saying to Game Informer that, “you will need to be connected to the Internet for your discoveries to register with the universal atlas.”

No Man’s Sky features quintillions of planets which players can discover, explore, and even name if they so wish. So it does come as a slight surprise that No Man’s Sky doesn’t require PS Plus.

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