If you’re still debating whether to grab a pre-order for the PlayStation VR, it might be too late, as it looks like pre-orders for the headset have completely sold out.

The final wave of PlayStation VR headsets went live yesterday and have sold out within minutes. According to GameSpot, a Gamestop representative has informed them that its entire allocation of PS VR units has sold out “within minutes.”

Sony has yet to confirm whether pre-orders have sold out, and at time of writing sites like GAME, and Gamestop UK are still offering pre-orders, so this news could be limited to Gamestop’s US stores only.

The company has however revealed that there won’t be any more pre-order opportunities now, so if you’ve failed to get yourself a pre-order you’ll have to wait until launch on October 13 to grab yourself a headset.

If you’re still debating whether to get a headset, now might be a good time to grab one as it looks like they’re selling out fast.

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