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Despite Niantic Labs putting the roll-out of Pokémon Go across the rest of the world on hold, it looks like that hold may be coming loose sooner than we expected.

Pokémon Go is taking over the world, and it looks like Pokémon Fever may finally be making its way officially to the UK, the rest of Europe, and Asia at some point this week. According to The Wall Street Journal, who’s heard from sources familiar with plans, Niantic Labs will be pressing the play button on Pokémon Go’s roll out “within a few days.”

Now, Pokémon Go has been playable in the UK since launch, but not in an official capacity, as Android users have been able to side-load the app on their devices. Though this has come with a warning that these APKs may come with malware hidden within.

As for iOS players, we’ve been shit outta luck as other than Jailbreaking our devices, any official chance of playing the game has been scuppered, unless we decide to make a US iTunes Account and download the game that way.

Meanwhile, while Pokémon Go becomes insanely popular having almost as many daily users as Twitter, Nintendo itself is revelling in the fact that their stock has surged 25 per cent over the past couple of days. According to Bloomberg’s David Ingles in Hong Kong, this is the best one-day move for the stock since 1983.

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