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Pokémon Go, despite is issues and stunted roll-out, could earn Niantic Labs $1 billion a year, according to app data firm, App Annie.

Currently only available in three countries, and plagued with server issues, Pokémon Go is pretty much a success with Pokémon fever exploding over the weekend and continuing to grow as the app becomes more stable.

According to App Annie, Pokémon Go was even faster than Clash Royale to hit the #1 top crossing app on iOS and Google Play, and even at this rate, the game could be well on its way to earning Niantic Labs $1 billion a year, if they can pull their finger out and get the app stable and released in more countries.

“Even though Pokémon GO is only officially open in 3 countries, the game is generating well over $1M of net revenue for Niantic Labs. I can easily envision a run-rate of over $1 billion per year with less server issues, a worldwide presence and more social and PvP features,” says Fabien Pierre-Nicolas, VP of MarCom at App Annie. “Nintendo is a solid example of what game studios can achieve with a great mobile game design and monetisation strategy. Their jump in valuation by $7.5 billion reflects the potential of Nintendo’s top IPs including Mario, Zelda, Pokémon and Metroid.”

According to the firm, the game is currently #1 in Grossing since July 7 on iOS, it’s also #1 on Google play since July 10. In comparison, Clash Royale was #1 Grossing on iOS two days after launch, and #1 Grossing on Google Play after 7 days.

Rumours have revealed that Niantic Labs plan to continue the game’s roll-out in Europe and Asia some time this week after the company officially paused the game’s release on July 9.

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