Pre-orders for this device have also gone through the roof.

For those of you hoping to pick up the Pokémon Go Plus accessory which was set to launch in the coming weeks, there’s been a slight delay.

It’s looking like we’re going to have to continue to walk around with our phones in our faces a little longer as Nintendo (yes, Nintendo) has today confirmed that they’ve pushed back the release of the Pokémon Go Plus accessory until September.

For those who don’t know, the Pokémon Go Plus is a little accessory which can be worn on the wrist or clipped to a belt or bag, and alerts users that Pokémon and PokéStops are nearby. Pressing a button on the Plus will then attempt to catch the Pokémon or check-in at Stops, without the need for users to get their phones out.

Nintendo, who is producing and distributing the Pokémon Go Plus, didn’t offer a reason for the delay, but it’s likely due to the overwhelming demand for the game which has caused the company to ramp up production for the peripheral.

The Pokémon Go Plus is set to now launch some time in September for around £30.

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