Ever since Pokémon Go started rolling out earlier this week, I’ve been frantically refreshing the App Store hoping that the game would appear and answer all of my Poké-hunting wishes. Unfortunately it looks like I may be waiting a little longer as the rollout has been paused while Niantic work on stabilising the servers.

Pokémon Go began its global launch earlier this week beginning in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The game then landed in the states and has been taking the world by storm, completely smashing the top charts on the App Store.

For those of us in the UK however, we’ve been idly twiddling out thumbs waiting for the game to arrive (though Android users can just download the APK, if they’re that impatient). But it looks like we may be twiddling for a little longer as server instability has caused developer Niantic to pause the roll out.

Speaking with Business Insider, Niantic CEO John Hanke has said that the developer is aware of the server issues which have cropped up since launch, which prevent players from launching the game. As a result, they’ve decided to focus on repairs and for the time being the roll out to regions like the UK and the Netherlands have been “paused until we’re comfortable.”

Hanke added that he “thought the game would be popular” but didn’t quite expect it to be this big.

Be right back… I have something in me eye…

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