Five years after the release of Sony’s flagship PlayStation handheld, the PS Vita, someone has finally found a way to hack the firmware and unlock the console to enable homebrew apps onto the device.

Ever since its launch in 2011, the PS Vita has remained relatively untouched, but as Sony fail to support the console year after year, the drive to turn the PS Vita into something more has risen. Now, someone has finally cracked it.

Hacking collective, Team Molecule, has released an incredibly simple exploit which unlocks the full power of the PS Vita for homebrew devs. The exploit requires players to own the latest firmware 3.60, then visit a website in order to activate the exploit. It’ll then give access to the Vita’s file system via FTP allowing for packages to be transferred and run on the handheld. The exploit is also compatible with the PlayStation TV/Vita TV micro-console.

This open access allows for a number of things, including the ability to whitelist all titles, meaning titles which were locked out can now run again. Other applications will include the ability to create homebrew apps that can overclock elements of the Vita which is inaccessible to game developers.

As it’s early days, there’s very little available for users to play with homebrew-wise. There is a Vita version of Doom which can be played, as well as a handful of emulators which can be added to the device. In future however, this could allow a number of different things to be added to the system, including piracy, something which Team Molecule accepts is a possibility.

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David Ibarra
David Ibarra

Good god FINALLY! I sold my old one… I’m definitely buying a new one now!