The box art for various PS VR games have been released and show clear labelling on the front of the box to remind players that the game they’re purchasing is intended for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset.

With an influx of new PlayStation VR games set to arrive this October, Sony is making sure that consumers fully understand that the game they’re purchasing is a PS VR game with a new subtitle underneath the PlayStation 4 stripe which reads “PlayStation VR Required”.

In addition, those which require PS VR will also have clear “You’ll need these” labelling on the front to ensure players have the correct equipment, from just the headset alone, to needing PS Move controllers.

Some games however aren’t specifically PS VR games, like Super Stardust Ultra VR, and will come with a “PlayStation VR Compatible” label. This means that you’ll be able to play the game without VR, but for the VR experience you will need at least a headset.

Hopefully that’ll make things a little clearer…

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