How do you plan on spending your weekend? Going outside to play Pokémon Go? Nah, how about you stay indoors and catch some terrorists? Sounds good, yeah?

Instead of searching for invisible monsters, Ubisoft is hoping that you’d rather stay indoors and spend some time hunting bad guys in Rainbow Six Siege. To make the decision a little easier, the game will be completely free on Xbox One and PC this weekend.

The free play time has already launched on Xbox One giving you an additional day or two of tactical shooter action. The PC free play time will launch at 6PM BST this evening, both of the free play times will end on Monday, August 1.

Xbox players can simply download the game through the Xbox Store on Xbox One, PC players on the other hand will need to get the game from Uplay.

To further entice you into actually purchasing the game, Ubisoft will also knock 50% off the game until Sunday. The game is currently £15 on Xbox One.

For existing owners of the game, you won’t be missing out either, as this weekend will be host to a Double Renown event that’ll let players earn in-game currency pretty quickly.

Rainbow Six Siege is set to receive its next DLC update in a couple of weeks time that’ll add a new map to the game as well as two new Operators.



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