operation skull rain

Rainbow Six Siege is getting its third expansion next month along with the launch of the game’s third Season.

The new expansion, titled Operation Skull Rain, once again adds a brand new map completely free, which throws players right into the centre of a busy Favela, as well as two new operators, this time based on Brazilian operatives.

The two new Operatives, Caveira and Capitão, bring a handful of new weapons and gadgets to the game. Caviera (Defender) has a Silent Step ability allowing players to get closer to targets without them hearing the telltale footsteps, what’s more she can sneak up on enemies, immobilise, and interrogate the enemy for other player locations. As for Capitão (Attacker), this character comes with a nice special weapon in the form of a crossbow which burns oxygen in small areas making it hard to breathe. Perfect for those defenders hiding away in closets.

In addition to the new content, a few changes will also be coming with the new update. At the top of the list is a new Tactical Realism custom game mode, which prevents player marking, restricts the HUD, and removes kill confirmations. This will require more communication between team mates to ensure things go to plan.

A new angled grip will also be added to the game allowing players to switch betweeh hip-firing to aiming down the sight much quicker. There’s also a surrender option for Ranked matches too.

Operation Skull Rain will be available first as part of the Rainbow Six Siege season pass, and will then roll out to every other player too. Characters can all be unlocked by spending Renown, though DLC characters are much harder to unlock.

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