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If for some reason you can’t pull yourself away from the clackity clack of a good mechanical keyboard, then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be able to clack away on your iPad Pro with Razer’s new Mechanical Keyboard Case for the Apple iPad Pro.

To debut the company’s brand new low-profile mechanical switch, Razer has unveiled a brand new iPad Pro case that brings this new tech to the mainstream (sort of). Bringing the first mechanical keyboard to the iPad, this new case takes the idea of the iPad Pro as a PC replacement, insanely seriously.

For those of you who own the massive 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you’ll be able to grab this case which offers a matte-black finish and a detachable polycarbonate case with a metal kickstand to support the weighty tablet. Unlike the official Apple keyboards for the iPad Pro, the Razer Mechanical Keyboard will pair with the device via BlueTooth, and will have a battery life of around 10 hours with its built-in backlight, or alternatively 600 hours without it.

It’s definitely a fancy peripheral for your iPad Pro, though in reality other than it being a backlit mechanical keyboard, there’s really not much in the way of specs on this thing. The switches themselves, according to Razer, has true actuation and reset points, and requires 70 grams of force to register a press.

You can purchase this keyboard right away for $169.99 in the US or €189.99 across Europe.



Razer also has plans to expand their slimline mechanical keyboard range to other products, so if you’re not quite as fancy enough to have the massive iPad Pro, you may be able to find a product for you soon enough.

razer ipad pro case

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