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While PlayStation 4 players may be a little bummed out that Xbox One players get a backwards compatibility for Red Dead Redemption, Xbox One players may be disappointed to hear that Rockstar’s 2005 brawler, The Warriors has launched on PlayStation 4.

The Warriors has launched on PlayStation 4 this week and is an absolute throwback. Unfortunately as it’s a rerelease there’s no overhauled graphics, so you can enjoy the game in all its 2005 PS2 / Xbox glory.

The game will however see “full 1080p up-rendering” as well as features, shareplay, remote play, Activity Feeds, Second Screen support, as well as manuals via the PS Vita and PlayStation app.

“This title has been converted from the original PS2 version to the PS4. There may be times where the the title plays differently from the PS2 version,” says Rockstar.

For those who have never heard of, or have never played The Warriors, it’s primarily a brawler which takes cues from the movie of the same name. Players take the role of a member of the gang, The Warriors, as they return to their home turf after being accused of a murder they didn’t commit. Players complete missions which heavily involve hand-to-hand combat with a variety of weaponry.

As someone who hasn’t even seen the movie, it sounds like a pretty awesome game…

You can grab The Warriors on the PlayStation Store for £11.99

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