The HTC Vive, like most VR headsets, aren’t exactly light packages, they’re essentially bulky monitors we strap to our faces in order to experience the wonderful world of VR. According to one rumour though, HTC could be working on a slimmer version of its headset due to launch later this year.

Now, this rumour is incredibly loose, so take it with a massive pinch of salt. According to one reddit user, HTC could be working on a newer, slimmer, and lighter model of HTC Vive. The user heard this news via a meeting with analysts for Taiwan Paiho – the supplier of the head band for the Vive headset.

The post goes onto add that the company’s CEO, CFO, and a spokesperson revealed that HTC was planning a second model of the Vive that’ll see some changes to the overall size and design of the headset. This update will be purely cosmetic as the internals are set to remain the same. The new redesign is apparently set to release some time later this year, or in early 2017.

That being said, it’s very much a rumour garnered from hearsay and could be total nonsense – at time of writing the /r/Vive mods have yet to validate the users claim of being an analyst. However, if it is true, I can’t imagine early adopters of the HTC Vive would be too happy about the change.

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