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SEGA has today announced that they’ve acquired Amplitude Studios, the developer behind the Endless series, which features titles such as Endless Legend, Endless Space, and of course, Dungeon of the Endless.

In a press release, SEGA Europe revealed that the acquisition would come into place with immediate effect, and will be publishing Endless Space 2, which is set to launch into Early Access later this year. It’ll also take over publishing responsibilities for the developer’s back catalogue and any future content.

“Joining the SEGA family represents the culmination of five years of hard work from myself and Romain and everyone here at Amplitude Studios,” said Mathieu Girard, co-founder of Amplitude Studios. “For the Endless series to be alongside PC franchises with such heritage as Total War and Dawn of War in the SEGA Europe stable puts our games where we feel they deserve to be. We look forward to leveraging SEGA Europe’s expertise in the PC market to take the Endless series to the next level.”

This acquisition further bolsters SEGA’s dive into the PC market, with Creative Assembly and Relic Entertainment under their belt, the company is quickly becoming a strategy game powerhouse.

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