Despite the Kickstarter for Sociable Soccer, the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer, being cancelled, it looks as if development is still being made on the game, and according to a cryptic tweet we received today, it could be coming to VR.

Earler today the n3rdabl3 Twitter account received a direct message from Sociable Soccer, the Twitter account for the upcoming title, and in that message was the following picture:

Sociable Soccer Coming to VR? - n3rdabl3

This was accompanied by the caption “The future of football gaming is in our hands”.

When pressed further about more information or whether a press release was incoming, they said “There will be news later today or on the 13th of July. We’re having an important meeting tonight.”

Now, not to jump to conclusions, but it looks as if Sociable Soccer may just be getting a VR version of the game which puts players outside a tiny stadium as they compete against each other. The headset being worn is the HTC Vive, so its likely the Steam version of the game may also have VR compatibility.

Searching through the Sociable Soccer website, I can’t find any mention of VR, so chances are an announcement may be coming later today or on July 13.

Right now, Sociable Soccer is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Sociable Soccer Coming to VR? - n3rdabl3

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