EXZEAL Coming To Steam

Whatever caused this recent influx of Japanese shoot-’em-ups on PC, here’s hoping it continues – Degica Games and Triangle Service have announced that they will be bringing the fourth and final game of their 2009 shoot-’em-up collection Shooting Love, 200X, named EXZEAL, to Steam on July 15th.

EXZEAL is the sequel to TRIZEAL Remix, the third game in the collection. Both are danmaku (bullet hell) shooters with a relatively unique premise – you can transform your ship to change your weapons on the fly, switching between a traditional stream of bullets, “virtuously patient” charged shots or risky but powerful close-range attacks to suit the situation.

EXZEAL promises to be a sequel “that isn’t afraid to be different”, bringing four different weapon systems to play around with, two player local co-op, a Replay feature and more charmingly low-poly bosses to take down.

Considering this is published by Degica Games, who also brought the likes of Mushihimesama and Deathsmiles to PC, here’s hoping that players will be in safe hands once the game releases next week.

EXZEAL will be available for purchase from Steam on July 15th.

The other three games in the Shooting Love 200X collection, those being TRIZEAL Remix, the efficiently named Shmups Skill Test and the eye-watering MINUS ZERO are also available on Steam.

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