DualShock 4

Ever since I got my PlayStation 4 I quickly learned that there was no plug-and-play compatibility with the DualShock controller on PCs. Something which disappointed me slightly, but as I own an Xbox One too, there wasn’t much of a problem. However, for those wanting to use a DualShock 4 on PC, it was an awkward task. That is until now…

A new PlayStation 4 filing has emerged which looks a lot like an adapter for the DualShock 4 to bring wireless compatibility to PCs. While the PlayStaiton 4 already has Bluetooth built-in, this new filling suggests that you’ll soon be able to use your DualShock 4 controller with other devices – like a PC.

Seeing as the PlayStation 4 is slowly dominating the world, as well as Sony recently launching a way for PlayStation 4 players to remote play their consoles via PC, bringing wireless support for DualShock 4 controllers on PC makes a lot of sense.

Here’s a look at that device:


Sony has previously spoken about bringing PC support for PlayStation hardware, though it’s likely more related to the PlayStation VR than anything. Though if PS VR compatibility came to PC, players would likely want a controller which felt more natural too.

As someone who oddly likes both controllers, bringing DualShock 4 compatibility to PC is something I’m really looking forward to.

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