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According to multiple sources, Nintendo’s NX console, which is due to be unveiled later this year, will be a handheld console that’ll offer a unique feature, it’ll come with two detachable controllers that’ll allow the device to act as a home console.

This news comes via Eurogamer who has heard from a handful of sources regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console plans. In the report, sources have confirmed that on the movie, the NX will act pretty much like a high-powered handheld console with its own display. At home however, is when the real quirkiness surfaces.

When players are at home, they can detach two controllers, which sit either side of the console’s screen, allowing the console to be connected to a TV for gaming on the big screen using a base-unit or a dock station. The brains of the console will be inside the controllers.

The report also reminds us that the NX will be powered by NVIDIA’s high-end mobile Tegra chip, which makes sense considering the reported focus on a high-end portable device.


As for media, the report confirms that the NX will indeed be going back to cartridges, which makes sense, but apparently Nintendo has suggested the carts to be around 32GB which seems pretty small.

With this new hardware, a number of changes are reportedly coming to the console in the form of a new OS, which will unfortunately prevent backwards compatibility. This makes sense considering Nintendo are releasing the upcoming Legend of Zelda release on both the Wii U and NX.

Given this news, it seems surprising that a number of big publishers have praised the upcoming console release, though if the console is truly high-end, maybe it’d be capable of handling a lot more than a handful of light-hearted Mario and Zelda games.

You can read the full Eurogamer report, here.

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