cosmos rings

Although some games have been made for the Apple Watch, it looks like none of them will compare to Square Enix latest announcement: Cosmos Rings, a brand new RPG for the Apple Watch.

Cosmos Rings will be the first Apple Watch exclusive RPG and will be coming to wrists this Summer. An official website for the game has also been launched.

According to Siliconera, Cosmos Rings sends you messages according to your daily step counts. Here’s the official blurb for the game:

“The time that has stopped has once again continued to move, and in order to bring back the Goddess of Time, you need to face the many human emotions from the Interval of Time. Exactly what awaits remains unknown…”


At the helm will be Takehiro Ando, the creator of the mobile series Chaos Rings, with Yusuke Naora, who worked as an art director on various Final Fantasy games on board too.

It’s definitely an interesting concept. Whether it’ll actually take off, however, remains to be seen.


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