With plenty of time left to spare, Nightdive Studios’ Kickstarter for their System Shock remake has secured their $900,000 funding goal and are now aiming towards several stretch goals.

System Shock, the reboot which recently launched on Kickstarter has managed to secure funding just half way through the campaign. Nightdive Studios were initially looking to secure $900,000 in funding. At time of writing the campaign is now sitting at $970,000, with 16 days left on the clock.

Now, the developer is looking for at least $1.1 million in order to secure the first stretch goal, which secures Mac and Linux versions of the game, as well as Razer Chroma support. Adding to that, $1.2 million will add localisation for multiple languages, and $1.3 million will expand the scope of the game itself. If secured, the team will expand the game’s narrative and add additional locations.

What likely helped the Kickstarter succeed was the ability for players’ to download a free prototype demo of the game showing that there is indeed some progress being made and that the game does actually exist. As of late, many games have been funded on the hopes that it’ll get made, and sometimes the result isn’t quite up to scratch.

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