Around the launch of Pokémon Go in the US, Yelp announced that it’d launched a new Pokémon Go filter within the Yelp app to help budding trainers find places to have a break in amongst their Poké-adventures. Now, that filter has arrived in the UK, so you can drink a Coké while you Poké.

With pretty much every famous landmark or attraction (even in the smallest towns) becoming PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms, Yelp has decided to jump on the hype to help small businesses benefit from thousands of people searching the streets for invisible monsters.

The new Pokémon Go filter will help trainers find businesses with a nearby PokéStop, allowing them to have a well earned rest while also topping up their inventory of PokéBalls and Revives.

Available on mobile or desktop, users simply search for a type of business, and then click the “Filter” options at the top. From here, select “PokéStop Nearby” and you’ll be offered a list of establishments which offer the services you want, next to the service you need.

Unfortunately, due to Niantic Labs keeping the Pokémon Go data so secret, Yelp does need players to help build their library of PokéStop Nearby locations and are asking for users to submit locations. Fortunately it’s a pretty simple process as users just have to simply “Check-in” to the location on Yelp, and answer a quick question.

Now, go, be the very best, and stay hydrated!

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