I thought the live-action Attack on Titan movie would do as a good test for the Blu-Ray function on my PS4, and to see if it’s really worth getting the extended cut of Batman vs Superman. The only reason I’ve watched Attack on Titan already, is simply because it’s shorter than Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods.

Attack on Titan is based on a popular manga set in an alternate world where giant monsters called Titans have forced humanity to hide behind giant walls. We follow Erin, Armin and Mikasa (apparently the last Asian person in this world) as they fight back against this creepy nude smiling monsters.

The manga itself has spawned an anime, games, and now a film which judging from the way this is written, it feels mostly like a build up to part 2. That’s right guys, this has all the pacing and writing skills of one of those “part 1 of 2” movies similar to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

So the story has been altered to suit a budget, basically. The setting has been changed based on the props and the sets available. I.E., in the manga and anime it’s kind of implied the story takes place somewhere in Europe, roughly in between the 11th to 17th centuries, I think.

But, the film itself feel likes it’s been made just so a western company couldn’t get its hands on it. Most of the European names have gone and it’s now implied the story takes place in an alternate present day, and the European setting switched out for somewhere in Asia judging by the cast (which makes sense since it was produced in Japan and it suits a balance sheet).

The story itself takes handful of the first and second manga arcs and mashes them together cheaply and quickly as they set the scene for what I expect will be a much  better part 2. Anyone who has a fondness for some of the background characters will be in luck since their characters make it through mostly unscathed.

Though in conclusion, it’s a weird watch, especially when the Titans turn up and feels like a warped episode of the Power Rangers. Which isn’t too bad I guess?

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