Gearbox has unveiled three new maps that’ll be making their way to Battleborn later this week following the game’s first big event, Lootpocalypse.

With Lootpocalypse, an event where bosses were dropping legendary loot more frequently, coming to an end, Gearbox has unveiled what’s next for the game. This time it’s a focus on player vs. player gameplay.

Coming July 21, three new multiplayer maps will be added to the game hopefully driving players to the PvP mode. Each of the game’s modes will be getting a new map, with Incursion getting Monuments, another map set on the planet Ekkunar; Meltdown getting Outskirts, a map set in a city on Tempest; and finally, Capture gets Snowblind, a second map set on the snow-capped moon, Bliss.

These three maps, according to the Battleborn blog, has different elements within it to cater for each of the game’s characters, from skill jumps, to overwatches for sniper characters, and sneaky back doors for players to try and gain dominance over the other team.

All three of these maps will be coming to Battleborn for free as part of an upcoming update.

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