I reckon Ben 10 could’ve worked as a comic book, I mean a lot of people think it was inspired by DC’s old series ‘Dial H for Hero’ which gave readers the chance to submit their own ideas for superheroes and get to see them published in a real life comic.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Ben 10, Ben is a kid with an alien watch that can turn him into different alien superheroes. But picture a scenario however where that alien watch get’s hit by a bolt of lightning and all of a sudden that watch’s alien heroes appear as different characters from all over the shop?

Here are a select few that I was able to think off. I have made comparison simply on power sets and personality… because why not?

Heatblast could be replaced by Marvel’s Human Torch: The most obvious one, I must admit, but that is until you peel back the flaming onion and find out there is more than one Human Torch in the Marvel Universe.

Many people will be familiar with the reckless teen from The Fantastic Four, but people may know about the robot version from the 40s or the mutant from the same era who used run around in a team called The Invaders with Captain America.

For simple sakes, let’s say every time Ben tries turning into Heatblast he becomes a different version of the Human Torch each time.

Diamondhead is replaced by the good liquid metal Terminator from Terminator Genisys: OK most of that film was pretty bad, but it did remind of the two good Terminator movies. So when Ben tries turning into Diamondhead, an alien who is hard as a diamond and can throw Diamond Shards, he instead turns into Arnie when he becomes the liquid metal Terminator.

XLR8 is replaced with Impulse: Why not The Flash you ask? Well, I think everyone’s favourite speeding teen has a lot more in common with Ben than say, Wally West or Barry Allen. Quick and fast but not an alien, though I’m sure Impulse could ‘borrow’ an alien costume from somewhere, right?

Have you guys thought of any? Why don’t you drop us a comment and let us know what you’ve thought of!

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