evolve stageup teaser

Evolve, Turtle Rock’s ambitious 4v1 shooter/monster hunter game, may be getting something new later this week, as the developers have launched a teaser countdown…

Evolve wasn’t necessarily a bad game, it just unfortunately didn’t get the recognition and player-base it deserved. Add that to the insane amount of DLC that was released for the game which had gamers turn their noses up at even the idea of playing the game, Evolve quickly faded into the background.

According to a teaser site which surfaced earlier this week, Turtle Rock might not be quite finished with Evolve, as they’re planning something cryptic. Could it be more DLC, or even a sequel? Well, we’ll find out in 1 day, 5 hours, and 49 minutes (at time of writing).

The teaser really doesn’t tease much of anything, however, as all that’s present is the countdown timer and the hashtag #StageUp. The only reason why we know it’s something to do with Evolve is because its on the game’s website, other than that, we’ve got nothing.

Speculation-wise, this could be an announcement of some sort, be it a sequel, or some big changes coming to the core game.

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