Since I discovered the Internet way back in 2002, I quickly learned that online, almost anything is a “thing”. Whether it’s Rule 34, ASMR, or some other unknown joy, chances are you can find it online. The latest craze, apparently, is watching people eat food. It’s become so popular in Korea, that Twitch has launched a dedicated category for “Social Eating”.

Yep, you can now go to an entire section on Twitch full of people just eating food… if that’s something you enjoy. It’s being marketed as a way for streamers to hang with their community while eating meals – because even gamers have to eat!!

Of course, with a new type of thing comes a strict set of rules, and Social Eating is no different. If you plan on taking part in this new experiment, you’ll need to make a note of a number of do’s and don’ts…

It’s worth noting that these rules came into place thanks to someone eating cat vomit and another ate poop. Yummy.

The full list is here, but here’s some interesting highlights paraphrased by me:

  • Both you and the food must be visible.
  • You’ll need to interact with your audience, you can’t just stuff your face and ignore all those lovely folk coming to watch you eat.
  • You’ve got to eat an actual meal, no snacks, fatty.
  • Don’t just sit and drink alcohol, there are children watching too.
  • If human’s aren’t supposed to eat it, don’t eat it, dummy, those 15 viewers aren’t worth being rushed to hospital.
  • While we all want to watch you eat 100 burgers as fast as you can, don’t.
  • Don’t eat, stream, and drive… seriously, are you an idiot?

The full FAQ can be found here.

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