I have one memory of Uno on the Xbox 360 and that’s its allure for men who like to share pictures of their penises. Although I never played the game myself, being the husband to an equally game-obsessed wife, she received many pictures that we just can’t unsee.

Now, it looks like the digital card game is making its current-gen debut, but there’s a high chance that this one will too come with many a penis to go around.

Ubisoft has announced this week that a new digital version of the popular card game will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 9. The game, like the popular Xbox 360 Arcade edition, will come with video chat support – hopefully this time however, players will resist the urge to get their bits out on camera.

Theme cards will also offer new twists on the classic game, though, for players who want to play the original game, there is a Classic Mode. Players can also customise house rules if they prefer.

For the most part, Uno was a pretty decent game on the Xbox 360, however the influx of people exposing themselves has sort of tainted the game slightly.

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