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Compose yourself, Left 4 Dead 3 may be happening or Valve may just be teasing the hell out of us for kicks, but either way Left 4 Dead 3 is being dragged from the shadows once again with the most vaguest and hope-filled tease, ever.

A new reference to Left 4 Dead 3 was found in a Valve employee’s development tutorial, once again rekindling the excitement and speculation for a third entry into the zombie survival series.

Initially spotted by site, ValveTime, Tristan Reidford, a conceptual artist over at Valve, used a picture in his tutorial on Destination Workshop Tools of a file directory. To the untrained eye it seems pretty normal, but to the keen eyed Valve enthusiast, you may notice a folder labelled “left4dead3” at the top of the file list on the left.

To add fuel to the fire, the image has since been removed and replaced with a new image which interestingly doesn’t have the file there any more. Fortunately ValveTime managed to grab the image before it was removed.


The image has since been replaced with a new image which looks as if the folders in the left pane have been completely deleted and a photoshopped cut and paste job just adds the “Libraries” section to the top of the window, despite the scroll bar remaining in exactly the same place.

Now, before we get too excited, we need to remember that this could be one of a few things, either this was a genuine accident and the game is indeed in development or it was just a dummy folder left behind to fool us all. One thing that remains curious is that the folder browser was scrolled down just enough to leave the left4dead3 folder at the top…

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