So another Marvel re-launch is in the works and with it comes the usual speculation about their line-up. A new Venom host has been announced, but who could be? Who could be the next slobbering black monster?

Of course, there a handful of different things that have been announced, a solo series for.. Solo, and a handful of other things including another re-launch of Captain Marvel, because I guess you need to keep that trademark haven’t you, Marvel? As we all know you only keep publishing a character called Captain Marvel so DC can’t do the same with the character they acquired from Fawcett Comics?

So, who could the new Venom be? In this new Marvel era who could replace Flash Thompson and join the long list of hosts including Peter Parker, Eddie Brock and technically, Doctor Octopus.

Sue Storm – I admit I have kind of fallen behind on Marvel stuff as of late, but I don’t think Sue Storm has turned up in the Marvel Now yet. I mean The Thing was hanging out with The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Human Torch was hanging around with the Inhumans, and Reed is kind of a super-villain? Or maybe he’s from another universe, either way, let’s have all the pieces on the board for the hopeful return of the Fantastic Four… some day

Betty Brant – Another one of the many women that have been in Peter Parker’s life, since Mary Jane is on the up and up as she hangs around with Tony Stark. Maybe another member of the Spider-man supporting cast is about to get in on the action?

Kaine – Could the grumpy clone be set for a return? Sadly he was lost in the Spider-verse but well know that pretty much no one stays dead in comics don’t we? The rejected and flawed clone of Peter Parker could probably get along pretty well the with the suit anyway.

John Cena – Because according to reliable wrestling sources John Cena has super strength in real life and thus he must become Venom for he is great (according to most sources).

Have you got any better suggestions? Comment and let us know!

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