Right Off the bat, I’ll admit I don’t know much about wrestling, but I do have C grade GCSE in rudimentary knowledge of Shakespeare. Though I reckon I can cobble through this article like Macbeth could in a Snake and Ladders Match at Wrestlemania.

I know a couple of interesting facts about Shakespeare, for example, during his lifetime, his works were frowned upon by many as being a bit trashy and not pure. That’s what lead to one of his theatres being burnt down.

I also know that wrestling gets an awful lot of frowny faces from disapproving sensible people all around the world.

So with that comparison, you never know, maybe a few hundred years time wrestling could be as appreciated as a classic like the works of Shakespeare?

Think about it, right now every school kid in the UK (and probably other school kids all over the world) have to decipher the old English dialogue of the works of Shakespeare and find a deeper meaning in the plays where the Bard himself actually re-imagined some old world plays he’d come across prior.

Imagine in a couple of hundred years when mankind lives in giant floating cities or giant starships, and in the education section of the vessel/city the youth of that era are sat in a class where they must decipher the meaning behind John Cena’s freestyle rap toward Brock Lesnar and understand why Lesnar is such an angry person.

I mean technically Wrestling is a form of theatre (Ed. Note: YOU MEAN WRESTLING ISN’T REAL?). It’s performance put on by actors and has a target audience of people who just want to chill out and have a fun evening. Kind of like people when they want to watch something like a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

It could be part of this odd phenomena I’ve seen where something is initially considered controversial and crass, but after a couple of years is seen as classical and groundbreaking, like the Grand Theft Auto Games, or can be seen as more appreciative light like when Star Trek was cancelled and it became very popular.

You never know, some kid may have to watching old Holo-videos of wrestling instead of reading King Lear in a couple of years time..

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