xbox avatar wheelchair

It’s looking like Microsoft might be trying to bring the Xbox Avatars back from the dead as the company have revealed that Avatars will soon be able to use wheelchairs, as well as getting a slight visual overhaul.

In response to a fan on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer and platform boss Mike Ybarra, confirmed that they’d heard requests from real-life wheelchair users that they wanted their Xbox Avatars to reflect themselves digitally. In response, Spencer teased that it’s “not far off” with Ybarra going as far to upload a screenshot of what they’ll look like:

Aside from the obvious addition of a wheelchair, you’ll also notice that the Avatar as a whole has been given a complete visual overhaul, something that’s yet to be revealed by Microsoft.

Since the launch of the Xbox One, Avatars pretty much fell from front of house and could only be found in the depths of the Xbox One dashboard. However, Avatars are set to make a comeback with them having a more prominent role in the Windows 10 Xbox App, and with this visual overhaul, they’re likely set to return to Xbox One in a much more front-of-house way.

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