Forget about Pokémon Go, a new smartphone sensation is coming, this time from Level-5 with the mobile release of Yo-Kai Watch.

Yo-Kai Watch, a game which has the player searching the world for invisible monsters which can only be seen using a watch, is coming to smartphones later this year in Japan.

Level-5 announced the news this morning at their Vision 2016 event, revealing that a port of the original 3DS title will be coming to Android and iOS this Fall in Japan.

Apparently the smartphone version will have an easier-to-play screen setup, higher resolution graphics, a handful of new features, as well as support for online battles.

This isn’t the first Level-5 game to be announced for smartphones either, as the company also revealed that the upcoming Layton game, Lady Layton, would also be launching on mobile as well as the usual Nintendo 3DS release.

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