Following yesterday’s report about two YouTube creators who have been actively promoting their own CS:GO gambling site without disclosure, another YouTube creator has surfaced admitting that he too deceived viewers by participating in CS:GO gambling without disclosing his affiliation with the site.

Lewis “PsySyndicate” Stewart, not to be confused with ProSyndicate – the other worm involved in CS:GO gambling drama – posted a video yesterday admitting his involvement in another gambling site to which he’d been paid to promote.

Stewart posted a video yesterday admitting that a handful of his videos featuring weapon skin gambling were entirely faked in order to promote another site, SteamLotto. These two videos were entirely faked in partnership with SteamLotto and were monetised, and had accumulated over 1.5 million views.

In his video, Steward admitted his wrongdoings, and explained how the videos came about. Rather than admitting that he was wrong and offering sincere apologies, the video was spun to act as more of a warning to users to not believe everything you see online. He also believed that he’d made amends by giving away skins worth over $2000.

“The idea was brought to me by Steamloto, they proposes (sic) rigging, in return for a Dragon Lore, I just fell right into it,” Stewart says via supertitle. “The total takings was $3200 in skins, Dragon Lore/Ruby, $1200 ($4000 really, $2800 of my own skins) of which I gave away. So in the end I gained nothing but views XD, and lost some skins, but it’s lying that is important here.”


“There’s no doubt that admitting this does take some kind of balls and some kind of regret, which is why I even gave away $4,000 worth of skins,” he added.

He then goes onto suggest that he’s not as bad as others, because he just lied and only posted two videos. He also suggests that he might give away another high-value skin worth around $1,000.


What really bugs me about the video is that he’s attempting to play the hero here by giving away things which he likely received as part of the promotion, in an attempt to be the “good guy.” He’s not the good guy here, he’s just as bad as the others who have been involved in such activities, the only difference here is that he knowingly duped his fans towards another website, rather than one he owned.

The outcome is still the same: potentially young people are taking part in gambling which could lead to some serious problems for some people.

You can watch the video below:

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